Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Dreams, My Room, My World... 2011 Fine Art Photography Calendar

I have selected twelve of my favorite pictures to create this dreamy calendar that include the following 5x5 Original Fine Art Photographs:

Love in your Heart
Happy Childhood Memories
Dreaming in Blue
My Blue Dress
All the Time
Able to Love
Blue like the Sea
For Love
The voice of the sea
I will be waiting


Alexandra said...

Very beautiful and if i have it i for sure dream all mornings!congratulations, Yvette!

Steffi said...

Hi. I'm your new follower. I love your photography. I was wondering if you are interested in doing a photography trade in exchange for some jewelry pieces? I was blown away by your work, and I just had to ask :)


april said...

Lovely. Just simply lovely.