Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inspiration: Françoise Rachez

1. Vintage Fence, 2. ParisToujours !, 3. Gravity, 4. Autumn Rain Melancholy, 5. Des Pommes, 6. Wonderful World, 7. Winter Love, 8. Station Blanche, 9. Is also friday for me!!!!

Her Blog.


Françoise said...

Es un honor que me haces querida Yvette!!!
La sonrisa permanente que tendre todo el dia, sera gracias a ti!!!!!

Jackie said...

Françoise is a daily inspiration to me. This is a beautiful collection, thank you so much for sharing ♥

Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

My favorite girl in FLickr ;-)
She's so unique and original.
Is a pleasure to me visit her stream in FLickr.
Beautiful selection, Yvette.

Shelby said...

These are stunning! Thanks for sharing

Françoise said...

Thanks Yvette!!! thank you so much!!! is a honor for me!!!
Thank you ladies, too!!!!

Yvette said...

We all love your work, dear Françoise!
I'm very pleased to share your talent.
Thanks for the visit, everyone!